Jobs for farm worker in Canada

As we all know that Canada is a very large country in terms of engraved areas. And the population of Canada is very small compared to its area. Thus there is a number of vacancies in Canada for the residence of other Countries during that season.

It is a very good opportunity for people to take advantage and get Visa. As normally the Visa of Canada is one of the difficult visas to take.

 There is no basic requirement for the job just needs the experience of 4 years in farming. Experience is not mandatory company will also give an opportunity to those who have no experience can get an internship. In most cases that internship will be leading to the Job. All those internees who work hard get a job in Canada.

Jobs title

  • Farmer
  • Fruite fam worker
  • labour
  • Trackter Drivers
  • Heavy vehicle Drivers

Basic Facilities

Facilities that will be provided are as under

  • Company will provide Visa Facilities to selected ones.
  • A well furnished residence will be provided by company.
  • Medical treatment will be free.
  • Transport will be given by company to employees In case the place of residence is at a distance from the Fields.
  • And all other facilities according to canadian labor law


These jobs will be purely on a contract basis for two years. The company will have every right to increase the contract or finish it after the contract time is over. While you are in contract with one company you can not join any other company during the span of two years contract.


To apply for these jobs you will have to visit the Canadian official job site by the link………

You will have to submit your detailed CV at that site. Furthermore, you can apply for more than one job at a time.

Visit job website to apply

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