New Visa Rules Of Dubai

Visa of a country is permission by the authorities of that country which permits citizen of other countries to enter in the Country. Process of getting Visa of a country vary from each other. Every country has its own Visa procedure.

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Visa of Dubai

Recently Dubai GOVT has brought Saveral changes in getting Visa Process.

  • Return Ticket
  • You are not permitted to get job on Visit Visa
  • 5000 Dirhams Cash with you to survive over there
  • Handsome money in Bank Account
  • You can not get Job in UAE on visit Visa although you can reash out various companies for interiews,

Types of Visa

  • Visit Visa
  • Tourism Visa
  • Work Visa

Visit Visa

Previously, citizen from Pakistan , Bangladesh, India used to visit UAE on Visit Visa and used to seek employment over there. After getting job over there they used to extent the Visit visa. But now that is not possible according to the new rules and regulations of Dubai visa.

Now it is not permitted to start working in Dubai on Visit visa. For Job you will have to go to Dubai on Employment Visa.

New Rules & Regulations of UAE Visa

  • Previously, No Bank statement was required before applying for UAE Visa now authorities have made it necessary to attach copy of Bank statement while applying for UAE Visa. More money you have in your account while applying for UAE Visa more chances are there for you to get your Visa approved.
  • Expesses of staying in Dubai are very high. Thus Authorities recommend the applicant to have a minimum of 5000 Dirhams cash with them while applying for the Visa. In case you have more than that it is highly recommended.
  • These 5000 Dirhams are not paid anywhere but these are to be used by visitors themselves. As expenditure in UAE are very high thus it becomes problem for visitors to stay in Dubai without having good amount of money.
  • Now Work Perment has become necessary for job in UAE.

Work Visa

This is sort of Visa that most of our audience will be looking for. In case you want to get this sort of visa you would have to be seleced by any Company in UAE. In Case any Company selects you and provides you with Work perment as well as Employment Visa than you Can work in Dubai on this sort of Visa.


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