Multiple Vacant posts in Dubai Airport

There are a number of position to be filled in Dubai Airport for male as well as for Females. Airport is aiming to hire well trained staff for a number of posts. In case you are fresh one and do not have previous experience of work you can still apply for these posts. But Company will be providing initial training to the selected ones.

Furthermore, Company will also be paying other allownces along with basic Pay Packaes. The basic Salary of the employees will vary from 1800 AED TO 2000 AED.


Job Title

  • Cargo Loader
  • Cabin Loading Staff
  • Cleaning Jobs
  • Airport Cleaners
  • Baggage handlers
  • Security Jobs

Pay Packages

  • Cargo Loaders 1200 AED
  • Cabin Loading Staff 1800 Plus Overtimes
  • Cleaning Jobs 1400 AED
  • Airport Cleaners 1200 AED
  • Security Jobs 2000 AED

Cargo Loaders

A number of Cargo Loaders are needed. There is no such education needed for these jobs. Only males are needed for these jobs. Females can not apply for these jobs. The basic pay will be 1800 AED along with other allownces.

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Cleaning jobs

A number of cleaners are also required for multiple tasks. Males as well as Females can apply for jobs of cleaners. There is a defined Qouta for male and females in the Airport jobs. Furthermore, company will also provide overtime allownces for the workers.

Security Jobs

A number of Security jobs are also available for the Employees. The age requirements for these positions will vary from 18 years upto 55 years. If you do not fall in this span you can not apply for these jobs.

To Apply For These Jobs Send US CV at Indeed Job Website .

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