New Jobs Offered in United Arab Emirates

A leading company of UAE is going to hire talented individuals from UAE as well as from other countries. In case you have ambition to get your life settled in UAE this post will help you a lot in the process. All these jobs that are offered here are purely on the contract basis of 2 Years.


Source of these jobs is Indeed jobs website that is Considered to be on of the most trusted job website of the world.


Company will sign the contract of two years by the start. Although, there is a fare chance that company will renew the contract after completion of contract.

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Jobs Offered

  • Contract Moderator
  • Cabin Cleaning Agent
  • TIK-Tok Shop E-Commerce Merchendizer
  • Wherehouse Worker
  • Food Program Manager

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The company is focusing on hiring young and fresh staff for all of the jobs that are mentioned above. The main focus of company is not the previous experience,

In case you are a fresh candidate without having any sort of previous experience you can still apply for these jobs company will just see through weather you have zeal and talent or not.

As we have explained earlier that company is taking for fresh candidates, thus the age required for candidate to be selected for the positions is starting from 18 to 35 years in case of aging more than 35 years you will not be suited for these jobs.


Company is Bound to provide you with all facilities under UAE LABOUR LAW.

That Include But not limited to some of them mentioned below.

  • Proper Residence
  • Overtime Facility
  • Transport Service
  • Food
  • Health Assurnce
  • Sponsership Visa for Family
  • yearly leave of approx 1 MOnth

How To Apply

In order to apply for these jobs you can send detailed Rasume at APPLY

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