Aviation jobs in Qatar

Qatar Airline Company advertises a number of jobs with a handsome amount of salary package. The company needs educated and hard workers who put their efforts into the good future of the company.

 The education required for the job is an FSC clearance certificate with 3 years of experience. As experience is a must for the job, on the other hand, there is also an opportunity for fresh candidates for internships. Internees will also be paid a handsome amount.

On this site we Publish Jobs, searching from various other famous websites. Mostly we focus on jobs of Gulf and Canada to apply for Canadian jobs.

Jobs tittle

Jobs announced by the company are

  • Cashier
  • Manager
  • Cleaner
  • Guard


The cashier is a well-paid job introduced by Qatar Airlines company. The salary package announced by the company is starting from 3500 Qatari Riyals. Master in Business and Accounting is needed.

This job is all about money receivers and having to make checks and balances on cash.


The manager is a very honorable and respectable job. The job is about making checks and balances in every department. Allowances will also be given to the manager. The requirement for the job is an FSC clearance certificate.

Security Guard

These are a number of Security jobs waiting to be filled. A handsome amount of salary will be announced for the guard starting from 2000 Qatari Riyals. In case

No education is required for this job, but experience is mandatory. The minimum Height is 5.4 Inches. 


Other than the salary package, the company announced some allowances for their employees

  • Well-furnished residence will be provided.
  • Transport will also be free.
  • Hospitality will also be provided by company.
  • Salary will be increased by time.


The requirement need for the job is

  • Cv
  • Tested photocopies of passport size pictures.
  • Character certificate from previous institute.

Rules of company

These jobs will be on a contract basis. The employee will not be allowed to leave the company or sign a contract with another company and also an employee will not be allowed to do a part-time job with another company.

It is mandatory for every employee to follow rules and regulations of the company.

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