Sat. May 21st, 2022

A well known company dealing for jobs in Canada is in seek of Employees from all across the Globe. Candian form with the name Shouten Farm wants to hire Canadian as well as foreigners for these vacant posts.

As you know that Canada highly depends on its Agricultural Sector. As Canada is country with a huge number of fertile lands. In Case you are willing to work as a Diary Farm Worker this is going to be a Wonderful opportunity for you to work as Farm Workers.

Visa Of Canada

Generally, Visa of Canada is considered to be one of the most toughest Visa to apply. But in the harvesting season there are a number of Vacancies in Dairy as well as Cultivation sector. Furthermore, Govt also offer work Visa during this season at comparatively cheep rates. In case you are planning to move to Canada this is going to be a Vital Chance for you.

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These are the Jobs of general workers thus they does not need any sort of high Qualification anyone can apply for the these jobs. Company is hiring Male as well as Female for these vacant posts.

Age limit is ranging from 18 years to 55 years. In case your are does not fall in that range you are not Eligible for these Positions.

Pay Package and Facilities

Pay Package of these jobs will be in Work per Hours. Generally that ranges from 8 Dollars per Hour to 20 Dollars per Hour. Apart from these Company is also going to provide with all basic needs to you over there. That include Residence, Food, Medical etc.

Generally work will be for just 8 Hours but Company will also provide you with overtime facilities as well. Furthermore, Company will also be responsible for providing overtime to Workers.

Term & Conditions

  • Employee will have to Complete the Complete tanure of two years.
  • Company has right to cancel the agreement at any stage
  • Signing any agreement with any other company during this contract is not leagle
  • Company will not allow internet use during work hours.


To Apply please SEND CV at Or You Can Visit Canadian Official Website

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